Want to volunteer or chaperone please follow directions for completing the background check form below. 

Background Check Info Sheet – Cogent


Activities Request Form

If your child will be out for sports or other arts related activities please use form below and drop off at main office with schedule from activity attached.

Student Activity Absence Approval Request

Guest Verification Form for Dances – PAPAGuestDanceForm

Per Student Handbook

All absences are closely monitored at PAPA. An attempt will be made to investigate unexplained absences. However, attendance is the responsibility of parents and students. Providing documentation to excuse absences is the responsibility of parents and students. All documentation must be provided within 3 days of the absence. Excessive, unexcused absences may be reported to the appropriate state agencies for possible parent prosecution.

Attendance Policy

PAPA is a school of choice where attendance is critical in order for a student to be successful. Therefore, when the choice is made to attend PAPA, the choice is made to follow the New Mexico Compulsory School Attendance Law requiring that all students be in attendance while school is in session. School begins at 7:50a.m. Traffic is not generally an excusable reason for tardiness. As a “commuter school” parents and students need to adjust their time for travel if there is difficulty arriving by the start time. Illness involves fever, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. are reasons to miss school. If your child is not experiencing this type of issue, there is no reason to claim an illness. Parents are encouraged to monitor student attendance through the PowerSchool system. Parents and students will receive a PowerSchool username and password during registration.

In the event of a necessary absence, parents are required to call the school and leave a message on the attendance line by 8:00 a.m. (505) 830-3128, ext. 5 or e-mail the attendance account at If it is not possible to give prior notice by phone or e-mail, the parent/guardian must provide the school office with a written explanation of the absence upon the student’s return to school. If this does not occur, the absence will be considered unexcused. A doctor/dentist note or court document must be provided to the school attendance clerk as soon as the student returns in order to excuse such absences. Excused absences include doctor/dentist appointments, court appearance, religious reasons, illness, family emergency, and bereavement. Excessive absence (particularly for parent call-ins for illness without medical documentation) may require the approval of the executive director to excuse future absences. Vacations are not considered excused absences. Tardies in excess of 15 minutes are considered an absence for that class period.

Calls for absences will be updated by the next day.  

Health Forms

Here at PAPA we do not have a nurse. We do have health assistants who are able to take your child’s temperature and assess whether or not your child is well enough to stay at school. If we determine that your child needs to go home we will call a guardian/parent for pick up. We ask that you pick them up in a timely manner within 30 minutes if possible. Any absences due to illness will be excused and students should check PowerSchool and Google classroom to keep up with assignments they might miss on the days they are out. Every student who is out sick will get two days to make up work and turn in to their teacher. 

Unique Meal Time Needs

Seizure Medical Plan

Vax Exempt Form

Asthma Action Plan

Diabetes Medical Plan

Health Authorization Form

Med Authorization Form

Registration Documents 

Course Descriptions 22-23

Student Supply List 22-23

Please complete the following documents: please email all documents to or bring them in to the school. 

Student Information Demographic Sheet 22.23
Language Use Survey 22.23
Health Authorization Form 22.23

Dental Health 22.23

Free & Reduced Lunch Form If you are on SNAP please bring your account number, and we need one for every student, even if you know you don’t qualify.

Google Forms – Please fill out and submit

Home Technology Survey (technology at home, required by PED)

Technology Use Agreement (technology use at school)

Public Release – Permission to Photograph

Locker Use Agreement (Bring lock if you want a locker)

Carpool Sign Up (if applicable) –

Parking on Campus (if applicable) –

Please bring copies of any and all current documents of the following (if applicable). If you can’t make the copies we can make them for you. 

Birth certificate (Required to Register)
Immunization Record (Required to Register)
Any legal documents – custody, name change, etc.
Covid Vaccination Card (If your child is vaccinated)
Disenrollment Documents from previous school (Ask your current school for these at the end of the year and bring them in July.)
Middle School Students – We need your most recent report card & most recent standardized test.
High School Students – We need your most recent transcript & attendance record.
Does your child have an IEP/504/SAT/BIP? Our Special Services Department needs to know.