Activities Request Form

Student Activity Absence Approval Request

Registration Documents 

Please complete the following documents:

Student Information Demographic Sheet 22.23
Language Use Survey 22.23
Health Authorization Form 22.23

New students only:
Dental Health 22.23

Free & Reduced Lunch Form If you are on SNAP please bring your account number, and we need one for every student, even if you know you don’t qualify. – PAPA_FreeAndReducedLunchForm_22.23.pdf

Home Technology Survey (technology at home, required by PED)

Technology Use Agreement (technology use at school)

Public Release – Permission to Photograph

Locker Use Agreement (Bring lock if you want a locker)

Carpool Sign Up (if applicable) –

Parking on Campus (if applicable) –

Please bring copies of any and all current documents of the following (if applicable). If you can’t make the copies we can make them for you. 

Birth certificate (Required to Register)
Immunization Record (Required to Register)
Any legal documents – custody, name change, etc.
Covid Vaccination Card (If your child is vaccinated)
Disenrollment Documents from previous school (Ask your current school for these at the end of the year and bring them in July.)
Middle School Students – We need your most recent report card & most recent standardized test.
High School Students – We need your most recent transcript & attendance record.
Does your child have an IEP/504/SAT/BIP? Our Special Services Department needs to know.