Final Registration Update!

Final Registration Details

We are getting ready for the school year 2024-25 and the senior year for the class of 2025! 

I invite everyone in our PAPA community to get ready to embark on an exciting new year! With our inspiring theme of focus, let’s embrace the potential, celebrate the possibilities for success, and cherish the good in every moment. Together, we’ll make this year unforgettable!

Please review the available slots below for your grade level. Please note that siblings may attend together. Please sign up for a 1-time slot per family if you will attend at the same time. We anticipate registration will take between 1 hour to an hour and a half to complete. If you complete forms in advance, time will be much shorter. A parent/guardian is required to attend along with the student(s). We have found that using appointment times reduces wait times significantly. Without appointments, there are rush periods with extended wait times and times when no one is registering. Using appointments has improved the registration process for both the families registering and the workers. If your child did not attend the new student orientation, you must register and attend the 7/25 AM session. 

Step 1

Sign up for an appointment here:

Step 2

School Cafe: Completing the free and reduced lunch form annually is a requirement for all families. The form completion gives accurate demographic information about our school. This year you can complete the form online or by downloading the School Cafe app.  We will be using this app throughout the year to post menus and nutritional information. 

Please create an account first then complete the lunch form.  

Here is a helpful link with directions on how to complete the lunch form, once you have created an account.

Step 3

Complete the Google forms. We have combined the registration agreements into one form for you here:

Step 4

Complete the Health Authorization Form.  You can complete print and bring with you to registration or complete when you arrive. We will have forms available for you on site.  

Here is the registration checklist you will complete at registration.–9sFchPEyQDmSo82axI5VkDYKIzrxLdDDkdQo/edit?usp=sharing

Here are the activity fees for 24-25

We wish you all a healthy and fun summer! We are looking forward to you being back on campus August 6th Jump start for all new students 7:50 am- 1 pm and PAPAfest August 7th from 7:50 am- 3:18 pm. 8th period classes start August 8th. 

General School Supply List

Lack of correspondence will result in forfeiture of the enrollment spot and your child will be put at the bottom of the waitlist (if requested).