Announcements for the week of 1/9/24


Our school security upgrades are mostly complete! Thank you for your patience. We have new gates and fencing around the school. This will take some getting used to, but we can make this process more pleasant for everyone if we are gracious with one another as we work through it together. We will keep you informed about logistics as we navigate the changes. For now, the gates will be unlocked when you arrive. Students exiting classes on the North side of the building may access classrooms through the main entrance or any other building entrance door. You will always be able to exit through the gates. As we adjust to the new upgrades, we would appreciate your suggestions on how to improve our practices. Please share your concerns or suggestions with the front office, your teacher.

NHS emergency meeting today, 1/9/24, during lunch in room 2.

NHS meeting tomorrow at 7:15 in room 2.

Tabletop games group meets every Monday in Rm 8 for fun and games. Come join us during Middle School lunch in Mr. Bear’s room.

The official PAPA Beyblade club will hold meetings every Thursday during HS lunch in room 7. The final Thursday of the month will be bracket style tournaments. Let it Rip!

Origami Club will meet during lunch every Wednesday (MS and HS)-get your lunch and come to Rm 16.

Every Friday show your school spirit by wearing anything with our school mascot, the panda, or a PAPA shirt, you can buy a school shirt or make your own D.I.Y. spirit shirt.

Save the Date

NHS Induction ceremony at 5:30pm in the cafe.

PTSO meeting on January 18th @ 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Health & Wellness

Our January Health and Wellness Focus is all about embracing a “Healthy You/Healthy School.” This month, in honor of those New Year’s Resolutions, we’re putting the spotlight on nurturing both our minds and bodies for a happier, more energized school community. Healthy Mind: In honor of Mental Wellness Month, let’s explore strategies to boost mental well-being, practice mindfulness, and support one another on our academic journeys. Healthy Body: Focus on incorporating fun and invigorating activities that promote a strong and healthy body. This includes paying attention to what we eat, staying hydrated, and ensuring we get enough rest each night. A well-balanced diet, proper hydration, and quality rest are essential elements for our overall health and vitality. Movement Matters: Remember, a little movement goes a long way! Whether it’s a walk during breaks or dancing to your favorite tunes, let’s make movement a daily habit. **Stay tuned for more information from Ms. Chavez during her push-in, events, tips, and challenges throughout January. Let’s make this month a celebration of a “Healthy You” and a “Healthy School.” Together, we can create a positive, vibrant, and supportive environment for everyone. Wishing you all a fantastic and healthy start to 2024! Let’s make it the best one yet!