The New Mexico Scholastic Art Awards

The New Mexico Scholastic Art Awards will hold an opening reception on February 7th at Warehouse 508.

The award ceremony/closing ceremony will be held on March 21 at Warehouse 508. Both events are FREE.

Show cards are attached with more details.


Please join us in celebrating PAPA’s Visual Art students (and young artists from all over New Mexico) who were selected for this very competitive event.

Morgan Arthur for Painting~Gold Key

Kristen Carrara for Drawing/Illustration~Silver Key –

Please join me in congratulating Kristen Carrara!

She entered her art in the NY Life/Grief scholarship as part of the Scholastic Art awards, which entered PAPA into a Grief-Sensitive Schools category. She was awarded a scholarship in honor of Mr. Carlos Gonzalez from NY Life!

Her art, and info on the Scholastic Awards, are attached.

Please join us at the Scholastic Art Award ceremony on Saturday, March 21, to honor all the artists.

Kristen won a Silver Key for her art, and may win additional honors.

Morgan Arthur also has her Gold Key winning art on display, too, and may also win additional honors.

PAPA also had several students win honorable mentions in the Scholastic Art Awards.

Alex Arguello for Design~Honorable Mention

Daniela Basista for Digital Art~Honorable Mention

Leslie Bello-Garcia for Digital Art ~Honorable Mention

Chelsea Christensen for Drawing/Illustration~Honorable Mention

Jada-Doney Lang (Two Honorable Mentions) for Digital Art, and Painting

Andrew Lopez for Mixed Media~Honorable Mention

Xavier Niroo (Two Honorable Mentions) for Photography

Brendan Oberg for Drawing/Illustration~Honorable Mention

Mya Stolz for Painting~Honorable Mention


Thank you for your support of PAPA’s Visual Artists.


Juliette A. Beck, M.A., Level III