Take a Journey Through Art

Congratulations to our PAPA Youth Art Month finalists! This year’s theme was “Take A Journey Through Art!”

PAPA Middle School finalists: Brooklyn Augustine, Lizzeth Bermudez, Eden Hettler, Gabrielle Hill, Litzy Huerta-Ortiz, Suvin Madrid, Riley Nyght, Madeline Smith-VanWinkle, Eliana Rivera (8th grade), Giovanna Wright

PAPA Middle School top three finalists: Lizzeth Bermudez, Eden Hettler, and Madeline Smith-VanWinkle (photos of art attached to this email~)

PAPA High School finalists: Daniela Basista, Leslie Bello-Garcia, Sandra Bermudez, Michelle Garcia, Kiana Lithyouvong, and Hannah White

PAPA High School top three finalists: Daniela Basista, Leslie Bello-Garcia, and Kiana Lithyouvong

Special thank you to our judges!

The top three finalists for MS and HS will advance to the New Mexico state finals. Please wish our

artists the best of luck as they compete at the state level and celebrate Youth Art Month in New Mexico in March. All of the PAPA Youth Art Month entries will be on display on the Gallery Wall during the month of March.


Thank you,


Juliette A. Beck, M.A., Level III

Visual Art Teacher

National Board Candidate (NBPTS)

RLAS Team Leader (Reducing LGBTQI+ Adolescent Suicide)

YouthCHAT Peer to Peer Sponsor (funded by NMDOH OSAH)

Public Academy for Performing Arts