Spring Mandatory Testing

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you know, there have been many recent changes to NMPED-required assessments. This Spring, PAPA will be administering the following digital assessments on the following dates:
• New Mexico Assessment of Science Readiness (NM-ASR, tests Science) will be given to all students in grades 8 and 11 on the morning (Periods 1-3) of Tuesday, March 24th.
• SAT with Essay (tests Math & ELA) will be administered to all students in grade 11 on the morning (periods 1-4) of Tuesday, April 14th.
• PSAT (tests Math & ELA) will be administered to all students in grade 10 on the morning (periods 1-4) of Friday, April 17th.
• The New Mexico’s Measures of Student Success & Achievement (NM-MSSA, tests Math & ELA) will be given to all students in grades 6-8, on April 22nd – 24th.
All students not participating in assessments will attend their regular class schedules, except for Seniors, who will be participating in other activities. Freshmen are not participating in any assessment this school year, but are expected to participate in assessment in the 2020-2021 school year and beyond. ).

The shift to nationally recognized college entrance exams is a benefit to New Mexico students and their families for a number of reasons. The PSAT and SAT are based on the Common Core Standards, a rigorous set of standards designed to ensure students have skills to be successful in college and the workforce. All students in grades 10 and 11 have updated College Board (PSAT and SAT platform/sponsor) Khan Academy accounts, which provides them free, personalized PSAT/SAT practice on Khan Academy, Please encourage your student to practice for the PSAT/SAT on Khan Academy at least 15 minutes per day,. Research shows this practice greatly increases their scores on the PSAT and SAT. In addition to free practice, all grade 11 are participating in scholarship opportunities through College Board. Lastly, an added benefit is that grade 11 students are taking the SAT, with Essay, for free and the score qualifies as both a test to meet graduation assessment requirements, and as a college entrance exam they can use for college applications next year.

The NM-ASR measures how well students have mastered the Next Generation Science Standards. This will be conducted as a field test and will not count toward graduation. Grade 11 students will be able to use a passed EOC score to meet graduation assessment requirements.

All assessments allow teachers, schools and the Public Education Department of New Mexico (NMPED) to identify individual, grade and school strengths and weaknesses, and to compare NM results with other states’ achievement. Test results are also used to determine advanced, regular and remedial course placement.

The assessments are particularly important for high school students. These tests are required graduation exams and students must earn passing scores in order to graduate (in addition to earning 24 1/2 credits).

Please ensure your student attends school on time each day. We will begin testing promptly at 8 am each day. Make-ups times are very limited this year, please reschedule appointments to avoid testing days. Food and drinks are not allowed in the testing rooms. Please ensure your student gets plenty of rest and eats breakfast. If s/he wears glasses, make sure s/he brings them to school during testing. At PAPA, we do not opt out of required testing.

Feel free to contact Ms. Maestas mmaestas@paparts.org

or me via email mchavez@paparts.org

to discuss any questions or concerns about this year’s assessments.