PAPA Artists Exhibit at The Gila Cliff Dwellings


PAPA’s Advanced and Intermediate artists will be exhibiting their collaborative art at The Gila Cliff

Dwellings National Monument from May 1-July 6, 2020 .

1) The Call of Mother Nature, by Alex Arguello, Mya Stolz, Hannah Cowles, & Kiana Lithyouvong

2) Stories Untold, by Riley Buckman, Shawna Dodge, Michelle Garcia, & Leslie Bello Garcia

Keeper of the Sun, by Brendan Ryan, Jamie-Lynn Poncho, & Stasha Penn

Unity, by Morgan Arthur, Chelsea Christensen, Diego Enriquez-Frakes, & Xavier Niroo

Untitled, by Daniela Basista and Andrew Lopez



More info about the Gila Cliff Dwellings can be found here: