Links to Lunch Forms and School Supply List

Greetings PAPA Families:


General student school supplies for students include:

  • face mask or face shield
  • water bottle filled from home (drinking fountains are not accessible)
  • personal hand sanitizer
  • backpack (lockers are unavailable)
  • personal earbuds with microphone
  • personal towel or yoga mat (for outdoor spaces)
  • individual pencils, pens, colored pencils, lined paper, individual pencil sharpener, ruler, tape, glue stick (sharing supplies is discouraged)


In general we recommend having a folder for every course for organization.  To begin school students will need something to write on and something to write with. Notebooks are always great to have. More specific supply lists will be shared by teachers through syllabi and direct communication with you.  We recommend saving your receipts from school supply purchase in case you need to return later.

APS did announce an adjustment to their in person start date and learning plan.  We are a separate entity as a charter school.  APS is our authorizer but does not dictate our school decisions.  We will let you know if PAPA makes any changes to our learning plan.

Thank You.

PAPA Office Staff

“Flexibility is the key to stability.”