Letter from Executive Director Dated February 4, 2021

February 4, 2021

Dear PAPA Parents,

On Tuesday evening, our Governing Council (GC) voted to remain in remote/virtual learning for the remainder of the school year.  The decision was difficult for the GC because of the number of unknowns, including vaccination timelines for staff.  Thank you to all the parents and staff who attended!  We appreciate your participation!

Even though PAPA is unable to shift to hybrid we will expand in-person student support in the next few weeks.  We understand students need academic help, social engagement and emotional assistance that is best provided on campus with a teacher or staff member. The current PED directive allows students to come in at a 5:1 ratio.  The total daily number of students will also be dependent on the number of staff available to be on campus.  The number of students allowed with each staff member may change, depending on the number of COVID cases and the Governor’ orders.  The expansion of in-person support allows flexibility for activities, academics and/or support by grade or by need.  At our staff meeting tomorrow, PAPA administration and teachers will work together to create a plan to help students in person.

PAPA participated in COVID safety inspections with the Governing Council, POMS (our insurance carrier), the NM Public Education Department (PED) and APS to ensure readiness to host more students on campus.  PAPA has met or exceeded every DOH, CDC and PED requirement for student and staff safety.

Below is a survey to help us identify your child’s needs and plan for increased in-person on campus support.  Please take time to complete the survey by Tuesday, February 9 if you are interested in more support for your child.


In other news, it is already the middle of the third quarter!  Progress reports will be mailed home early next week.  I will send a copy of the approved 2021-22 calendar with the progress reports.

The policy you can link to here is ready for community review.  Please email me if you have any questions or suggestions.

Finally, stay tuned for more information about testing this school year.  I will send another survey about testing next week.

I appreciate the hard work families, students and staff are doing!! Thank you!



Melanie Dunn-Chavez, Executive Director



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