February 14, 2020

PAPA Weekly Panda:



Your Intent to Return Form is due today!

Students: Love Your MAMA – compost. Look for the compost bucket during lunch beginning Tuesday, February 18. Fresh Fruits and Fresh Vegetables only go into the compost bucket!

Remember – no school, Monday, February 17th!

National Honor Society is sponsoring the PAPA Valentine’s Day Spirit Week.
Today is Love is Love day. Wear pink, white, or red.

You can now buy tickets for Senior Showcase AND Senior Showcase merch! http://our.show/publicacademyforperformingarts/16329

Sweaters, shirts and sneakers on my – yes all these things and more MUST be found TODAY, anything left will be donated to charity.

LOVE OUR SCHOOL! The PTSO helps support many things that the teachers, staff, and students need. Filtered water for the cafe, art supplies, breakfasts for testing, music copies for shows, and many more items are paid for by the PTSO. We need your help to meet all of the needs of the school. Please consider making a donation for our February fundraiser. No amount is too big or too small! Just click the donation button on the website at www.paparts.org/policies-ptso/.  We love YOU too!


EAT-OUT FUNDRAISER! February 18, 10am-10:30pm at Panda Express 9500 Montgomery Blvd NE. Another great way to show your support for PAPA and the PTSO.

Chalk about love is a free
workshop with free food sponsored by Enlace Comunitario and Together for Brothers.  February is teen dating violence awareness month.  Did you know 1 in 3 teens experience physical, verbal, or sexual abuse by someone they’re in a relationship with?  RSVP at bit.ly/tdvchalk or call Graciela 505-340-9606.

Event Details: Chalk About Love 2/15/20 10am-1pm SIMMS Building 7th Floor 400 Gold Ave SW



What happens when you don’t eat enough food?


Skipping meals can absolutely have significant effects on your brain and body.

When you skip a meal, your body starts to run low on its immediate glucose supply. Low blood sugar can zap your energy, making you feel sluggish and weak. It can also make it hard to concentrate because your brain doesn’t have the fuel it needs to think straight. Other low blood sugar symptoms can include shakiness, sweatiness, and irritability. Hello, hangriness.

Lunch today:
What’s for LUNCH today?

Domino’s Pizza, Tossed Salad, Pineapple and Milk
Link to Lunch menu:


Remember no school Monday, February 17th!