Summer School, Final Registration & Waitlist Info

Summer School

Please contact: Rachael Perea |

Summer Hours

Monday – Thursday | 8:00am-2:00pm

Got questions, please call our email us and we will get back to you asap! 505-830-3128 or

Final Registration (students accepted through the lottery)

Final registration is at the end of July. Please see save the date link below to see when parent/guardian and student will need to attend. It is specific to each grade. During this day you will check your student schedule, complete more paperwork and pay fees (see activities fees form link below).

Final Registration Save the Date
Activities Fees Form 2023-2024 
School Calendar 23.24

Missed the Lottery?

If you missed the lottery application please give us a call to be put on a waitlist, or you can email current info to

Childs first and last name, DOB, current school, current grade, parent/guardian name and phone number.

This waitlist will come after the lottery list. We keep all lists and continue to go back to them untill December. 

If you are on the waitlist we will call you if a spot becomes available (End of July), please call us back within 24 hours to accept the spot or we will call next student in line and your spot will be taken. 505-830-3128 x24641

PLEASE NOTE: All required enrollment forms must be completed and submitted by date specified at time of registration or the student’s lottery position will be forfeited and the student will not be enrolled at PAPA for the subsequent year.  Contact the office if there is an extenuating circumstance that prohibits you and your child from attending New Student Orientation. Lack of correspondence will result in forfeiture of the enrollment spot and your child will be put at the bottom of the wait list (if requested). If you have questions or concerns please email or call us at 505-830-3128 x0. Failure to comply with this requirement, on the date such paperwork is due, will result in a student losing his or her place at PAPA.

We need copies of the following:
A. Birth certificate (required to register)
B. Immunization Record (required to register)
C. High school – most recent transcript & attendance record (credit analysis)
D. Covid Vaccination Card (if applicable)
E. IEP/504/SAT/BIP (if applicable)
F. Any legal documents – custody, name change, etc. (if applicable)



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