Lottery Application — Inclement Weather Update

Inclement Weather

If there is a weather delay for all of APS then we close for the day due to being a commuter school. If APS closes all school then we close as well. East Mountain and Manzano being delayed does not pertain to us as most of our students come from the west side. 

Calendar – School year 2023-2024 – Click Here!

If you missed the prospective student open house check out the link below! Virtual Prospective Student Open House – Click Here

Lottery Application –  Click here

Please see link to charter and lottery information below.

Siblings of current students need to apply for the lottery when it opens on January 3rd and will receive preference. 

Intent to return to PAPA for current students, link below.

Please submit your written verification that your child will be returning to PAPA for the 2023-2024 school year. We would love all our underclassmen to return! Our funding is based on 450 students. If the form is not submitted, your child’s place at PAPA will be offered to someone else through the lottery. 

Intent to Return Form: