2020-2021 Registration Forms and Info!


Brand New Students – only fill out Numbers 3-5 and Number 6 every time you come to PAPA in person!

Student Information

English https://forms.gle/ZEF7o56u5xNt8VBV9


Información del Estudiante

Spanish https://forms.gle/TN7S2KdGEaAtAaQq7


Medical Emergency Authorization

English https://forms.gle/wZXBQnWCvhsNpYrF6

Formulario de Autorización Médica de Emergencia

Spanish https://forms.gle/jwwAZMAy37f4RrCGA

Student Technology Use Agreement

English https://forms.gle/A4tMskt4Brg8VK2m9

Acuerdo de Uso de Tecnología

Spanish https://forms.gle/kgbQYdp1Vgx4yiHM9


PAPA Permission to Photograph/Record

English https://forms.gle/fwy4YnS8nf4tWpec9

Permiso de PAPA a la Fotografía/Grabación
Spanish https://forms.gle/nBSdCwqxn9SsKWfs5

Complete the School Lunch Application form, print and sign PAPA_Free and Reduced Price Application for SY 2020-2021_English.pdf OR PAPA_Free and Reduced Price Application for SY 2020-2021_Spanish.pdf .  Bring with you to registration (this saves time) OR send the completed form to jmickey@paparts.org OR fill out and sign during registration. One form must be completed per family, whether you will qualify or not.

Student/Parent Daily School Covid-19 Screening https://forms.gle/6Am5UdAgcg7iC7PT7


Good afternoon PAPA families!  I want to keep you up-to-date about any decisions I make about school re-entry in August.  With the number of COVID cases on the rise, the lack of a state-wide plan for access to COVID testing for staff and educators which decreases our ability to keep students and staff safe, and the repercussions and disruption to education with each COVID-19 positive case at PAPA (close school, transition to online for a few days, re-open school, close school, etc.), I am less confident that we can educate students effectively until there is a better handle on this epidemic.


I know virtual education is not the best way for our students to learn. I know teachers need to make concrete plans. I know parents need to make plans.  I know the “hurry up, wait, decide, now change” cycle is making it difficult for us to mobilize, energize, and feel/be empowered. I know students are lonely and want to be with their friends. I know we must do what we can to keep our students,staff and families safe.


With all this in mind, we will start the 2020-21 year virtually until the end of quarter 1 (October 7). All students will be required to virtually engage in school on a daily basis following their class bell schedule. Teachers are planning their lessons to be followed during the bell schedule and students will need to attend any live sessions during their regularly scheduled class time. The week’s assignments will be posted at the beginning of each week in Google Classroom.  Work needs to be submitted when it is due. Students will be given a student agenda at registration to help with organization and important classroom log-in needs.  Please help them keep this important tool in a safe and handy location.

If there is some miracle that will allow groups of students to come to school prior to October 8, we will transition at that time.  This will be our check-in date and we will move to a blended model when it is safe to do so. Perhaps APS’s projected in-person start date of early September is wishful and our timeline for the end of quarter 1 may also be wishful but it gives us a more firm date from which to structure learning.


On a needs-based, individual basis, some students will come to PAPA to learn virtually. PAPA staff will not provide a different educational experience, only a space away from home to work. Staff will rotate with the supervision of these students. The numbers of students we host will be fluid as students earning low grades may be required to come in.

This model decreases (or eliminates) the need for the BYU program and allows for more flexibility for families who are wanting/needing a fully online experience. As we begin the year, PAPA teachers will plan for engaging with all students.  If we are able to have in-person classes (hybrid or traditional), we need to plan for ill students who may need to be out for two weeks (or more). Starting from a virtual model and transitioning to a hybrid may be easier than the other way around and will allow for flexibility due to illness.


Wow!  I know this is frustrating for students and families!  We are flexible, we are a team, and we will work together to educate our students in spite of the hurdles in front of us!!!!  With that, if you have not read the email I sent last week about registration or filled out the forms, please do so.  Your COVID screening should be completed prior to your appointment time.  You do not need to do that now.

I am excited to see each of you!!

Reserve an appointment time for registration using the SignUpGenius link. If you have multiple children, sign up during your oldest child’s time slot. Both the PAPA student and a parent or legal guardian should attend the registration appointment.    Sign up Here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/508054badaa2fa1f58-papa1

Date Time Group Time Group
Monday, 7/27 9-11:30am Seniors 1-3:30pm Juniors
Tuesday, 7/28 9-11:30am Sophomores 1-3:30pm Freshmen
Wednesday, 7/29 9-11:30am Grade 8 1-3:30pm Grade 7
Thursday, 7/30 9-11:30am Grade 6

Please bring only one parent to sign paperwork, pay fees and check out Chromebooks. We currently have 400 Chromebooks to check out to students during registration. There are 100 on back order. If you have a computer at home your child can use, please let us know during registration as we do not have enough on site to distribute to every registered student at this time. We recommend all students use a computer instead of a phone to complete coursework. If you have not submitted current proof of immunizations or birth certificates, please bring them with you. PAPA complies with state Department of Health guidelines. Students without verified immunization records or current exemption will not be permitted to enroll in courses.

Prior to arriving for your appointment, students and parents must complete the COVID Screening form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfofpm0YA9hm6jkOgWuKOE-fpUSH2_pOrUPuGKoh2lGSvRmhA/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1 .  This will be required for all students each in-person school day.  Registration is a great time for them to practice!  We thank you for wearing a mask and monitoring your child’s social distancing practice.




Flexibility is the Key to Stability John Wooden


Melanie Dunn-Chavez, Executive Director

Public Academy for Performing Arts

11800 Princess Jeanne Ave, NE

Albuquerque, NM 87112
(505) 830-3128 Office, (505) 550-1911 Cell




If your child needs to take medications when we return to in person schooling:



General student school supplies for students include:

Personal earbuds with microphone and flash drive

individual pencils, pens, colored pencils, lined paper, individual pencil sharpener, ruler, tape, glue stick, folder for each course

More specific supply lists will be shared by teachers through syllabi and direct communication with you.  We recommend saving your receipts from school supply purchase in case you need to return later.

Supply List by Teacher 2020-21