World Storytelling Day

Upcoming event information:
Storytelling Program for Ages 5-11 South Broadway Cultural Center
Date: 18 Mar 2017 11:00 AM MDT

A workshop for children’s storytelling, part of World Storytelling Day.

Storytellers: Matilde Machiavello; Regina Ress; Sarah Malone; Elaine and Mauny Muray.

An evening performance – Tales of Change – will address those unexpected and defining moments of our lives and will include a variety of genres including music and movement.

Storytellers for the evening include Elaine Muray, Regina Ress, George Williams, Matilde Machiavello, Johanna and Scott Hongell-Darsee, and Juba Addison.

More information and online registration: Storytelling Program for Ages 5-11