Welcome to 2019-2020

Here are some tips to help with the new school year:

  • The school day begins at 7:55 am and ends at 3:18 pm or 4:16 pm, if your child has 8th period. Plan your commute time to avoid being tardy to first period. Your favorite radio station usually carries a traffic report or KKOB AM (770 AM) reports on traffic every 7 minutes (i.e. 6:47 am).  You may want to prepare for alterate routes.
  • Plan to bring school supplies AFTER Jump Start and PAPAFest.  The school supply list is posted on PAPA’s website by course and teacher (www.paparts.org).  Syllabi are also posted in the same area.
  • Due to the low participation numbers, PAPA will no longer serve breakfast.  Please ensure your child eats a healthy breakfast BEFORE school begins.
  • PAPA strongly discourages the use of food delivery services for lunch.  This is an interruption of academic time and uses precious staff time.  We will not allow students to order or receive lunch outside of the lunch hour.  Lunches delivered during instructional time will be held in the office until passing period or the end of the day. Plan ahead, read the school’s new and improved lunch menus or pack a lunch.   Lunch prices are $3.50 for full pay and $0.40 for reduced lunch. Students are not allowed to eat in the classrooms.
  • Drop off and pick up students in the bus turn around or the far west parking lot.  Do not use the front of the school as this is a fire lane and violates fire codes.
  • PAPA will have a series of emergency drills, as required by law, the first month of school.  This includes an evacuation drill on Friday, August 16.  Students will walk about 1/2 mile to our evacuation site.


Thank you for your support!