Week One

To All PAPA Community Members:

As we complete our first full week, I wanted to thank everyone for a great start!  Schedules are set, syllabi are distributed, and we hope our new students have experienced a welcoming, smooth transition!  Please don’t hesitate to contact staff with any concerns or questions.  E-mail is the best way to communicate with teachers as they are not available for phone calls or drop-in visits during the school day.  All staff e-mails can be found on the school website at https://www.paparts.org/staff/.

In response to common logistical questions received this week…

  • Yes, PowerSchool is operating.  You should’ve received a letter at registration with a log-in for you and your child.  It is a great place to check grades and attendance.  If you are having trouble logging in or don’t have the information, contact Debbie Candelaria (830-3128, ext. 2 or dcandelaria@paparts.org ).
  • Students are provided a locker number once they purchase a lock and provide the office with the combination or extra key.
  • Eighth period classes are all full.
  • The school is not providing after school care.  Students are expected to exit campus after their last class.  The building is locked at 4:30pm.  Some of you are having to drop off students early in the morning.  Please be aware there is no supervision until 7:45am.
  • You are encouraged to maintain a positive balance in your child’s lunch account for those students who pay reduced or full-price.  Payments are made through the Business Office by check, cash or credit card.  For your convenience, you may call in with a credit card number (830-3150).
  • If your child has a medical condition that may have to be addressed at school, we must have a current medical authorization on file.  The form can be found on the school website at https://www.paparts.org/papa_uploads/2014/09/medauthorizationmaster20172018.pdf.  Please e-mail Stella Lavis with any questions or concerns (slavis@paparts.org).
  • If your child has an arts related absence, a “Student Activities Absence Approval Request Form” must be turned in to the office ahead of time (preferably 1 weeks or more).  The form can be found on the website at https://www.paparts.org/papa_uploads/2016/03/StudentActivitiesAbsenceApprovalRequestForm.pdf.  For short-notice, please contact Vanessa Booker (830-3128 ext. 0 or vbooker@paparts.org).  The same form is turned in for sports absences at the beginning of the season with the game schedule attached.
  • Dual credit registration requires tasks that must be completed by students.  Please check with your child to find out where he/she is in the process, and if help is needed.  Contact Monica Maestas (830-3128 ext. 0 or mmaestas@paparts.org if you have any questions or concerns.

Mark your calendars.   Open House has been scheduled for Thursday September, 14th beginning at 4:30pm.  More information will follow.

Please see the attached parking plan for information on how to help make the morning drop off and pick up run safely and efficiently.


While eclipse viewing is exciting and an engaging activity for students, it is important to remember that serious eye damage can occur by looking directly at the sun at any time.  Science teachers will teach about the eclipse through activities and live video stream.  The eclipse will extend into our lunch periods.  If you do not want your child outside during that time, he/she can remain in the building.  Please make sure your child understands the importance of not looking at the sun without proper eye protection.  We are not providing eye protection.

There are many websites with pertinent information about the eclipse.  Here are a few:




Youtube also has several videos if your child wants to create a viewing box.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Doreen A. Winn
Executive Director
Public Academy for Performing Arts
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Albuquerque, NM  87112
Phone:  505-830-3128
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