Upcoming Required Assessments

PAPA will be administering PED-required assessments to students this Spring.  The Science Standards-based Assessment (SBA) will be given to all students in grades 7 and 11 on Tuesday, March 20.  The PARCC test will be administered to all secondary students in grades six through eleven the week of April 23 – 27.


As you know, most states in the nation implemented the Common Core Standards several years ago.  Common Core is a rigorous set of standards designed to ensure students have skills to be successful in college and the workforce after graduation from high school.  The Science SBA measures how well students have mastered NM Science Standards and some of the Next Generation Science Standards. PARCC measures how well students have mastered Common Core Standards in reading, writing, and mathematics.  These assessments allow teachers, schools and the Public Education Department of New Mexico (NMPED) to identify individual, grade and school strengths and weaknesses, and to compare NM results with other states’ achievement.  Test results are also used to determine advanced, regular and remedial course placement. NMPED uses the measurements of student and grade-level growth, as required by federal law, in the A – F School Grade Report. At PAPA, we do not opt out of required testing. Instead, we use data gathered from assessments to improve programs and plan instruction to meet the individual needs of students.


The SBA and PARCC are particularly important for high school students.  These tests are required graduation exams and students must earn passing scores in order to graduate (in addition to earning 24 1/2 credits).


It is very difficult to schedule make-ups for missed tests; please ensure your student attends school on time each day.  We will begin testing promptly at 8 am each day.  Please reschedule appointments to avoid testing days. All students in grades 7 and 11 are strongly encouraged to eat breakfast prior to arriving at school on 3/20 for the SBA. Food is not allowed in the testing room. Students will be offered breakfast during the week of PARCC.  Please ensure your student gets plenty of rest.  If s/he wears glasses, make sure s/he brings them to school during testing.


If you have questions about the PARCC test, NMPED has published a FAQ (frequently asked questions) document at the following link:



Finally, test results are generally available in the Fall. Feel free to contact Ms. Maestas or me via email to discuss your student’s test results.



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