November 20, 2019

Custom t-shirt and sticker available now Leslie Bello Garcia designed stickers and shirts for a PAPA Visual Art fundraiser. Shirts are $20 each. Stickers are $2 each. We accept cash (exact change, please) or checks made out to PAPA. We have sizes XS-XL. See the design here:

Spotlight Series in the Studio Cafe is TOMORROW during middle & high school lunch!  It’s free!  It’s FUN!  It’s for you! December’s Spotlight Series will feature Holiday Favorites!

Looking for a great gift to give to teachers, friends, and family for the Holidays? Everybody loves poinsettias! And you’ll be helping the PTSO pay for things the students, teachers, and the school needs. Deadline to pre-order is this Friday November 22.

Check out the links to the flyer the order form and the Add to Cart button below:
(look for the add to cart button)

Find  your lost stuff today – anything left after FRIDAY will be donated to charity.

Seniors!  Don’t forget, your attendance is REQUIRED on Monday, November 25, 2019from 8:00am – 12pm-ish in the Cafe Studio!  Your piece should be done. Your music should be cut and edited as well. After everyone shows their piece, they will meet one-on-one w/ their mentor(s) to review bio, artist statement, lighting, tech cues & final details. We need all of this info to create show order, programs, & the master music compilation.

What’s for LUNCH today?
Bean and cheese burrito, Spanish rice, steamed peas and carrots, watermelon raisels and milk

The PAPA Thanksgiving Celebration lunch is tomorrow at 11:30am for Middle School and 12:45pm for High School.


Lunch Rules for All!

If you want food, order lunch after you hear announcements.

If you order lunch, please come and eat!