Not So Standard Standardized Testing

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A Letter from the PaPARCC Team

Strange as it may sound, PAPA is very excited about PARCC testing this year!  A group of volunteers have come together and developed some great ideas to celebrate learning and our community.  In true Panda style, we’ve played off of our school name, mixing it with the name of the test: we’re calling this academic celebration PaPARCC!

When we think of PAPA regarding “performance,” we think of our artistic strengths: dance, music, theater, film, media, and art.  It is our hope that PaPARCC will be a showcase of our academic performance.  We’re excited to have an opportunity to embrace PAPA’s vision and mission by fostering both our academic and performing arts excellence.  To this end, we have developed a plan to make testing as low-stress as possible for students and staff alike.

It is our goal to start each day of PaPARCC with a community-sponsored breakfast for all students, followed by a “Mindfulness Hour.” During this hour staff and students will engage in fun activities.  We wanted to give students the opportunity to have a good breakfast before taking the PARCC test, giving everybody a chance to relax, socialize, and wake up.  Then, right after breakfast, the Mindfulness Hour will enable students to get their blood flowing and get their minds calm with some fun and relaxing activities.  We want to give our PAPA students the best chance possible to show off what they’ve learned this year, by making sure they are energized, focused and ready to do their best!

After PARCC sessions, all students will have lunch, and each afternoon we will have a different activity!  The themes and activities for each day are listed here:

Tuesday, April 25th:  Health & Wellness

Wednesday, April 26th: Workshops

Thursday, April 27th: College & Career Fair

Friday, April 28th: Community & Volunteer Fair 

Monday, May 1st: PAPARTY!

In order for PaPARCC to be successful, though, we are depending on the support of everyone at PAPA – students, staff, and families –  to not only celebrate our community with us but also to help it thrive.  We’ve already received incredible support and donations of time and expertise, but we still need more.

To make sure that every PAPA student is well-fed before they’re expected to take an important and challenging test, we need to raise funds to provide that food.  The testing committee is working together with the PTSO to fund the breakfast for each student.  The PTSO has promised proceeds from the PAPAPalooza basket raffle to help feed our students during PaPARCC, so make sure to buy some raffle tickets when you go to see the show!  Likewise, we’ve sent out a request to all families and friends of PAPA students to help sponsor our kids’ breakfasts.  For only $10, one student gets breakfast all five of those test days: for $10 you can feed a kid for a week!  Click here to donate now.

We are likewise looking for sponsors to support this event, either through discounts or donations.  If you know of anyone who might be able and willing to help make PaPARCC successful, please contact the PaPARCC planning team with that information.  This also goes for possible Fair attendees, supporters, or volunteers, any donors, as well as any possible Workshop or Mindfulness Hour volunteers. 

We are also seeking student ambassadors for PaPARCC: responsible and fun-loving students who will represent our school, showing leadership and respect, modeling that behavior for our entire community.  We need students to help make the PAPA Academic Showcase successful as much as we need everyone else!  Any students interested in becoming a PaPARCC ambassador should contact Ms. Ingham, Ms. Lynn, Ms. Sundstrom, or Mrs. Weems to find out more and to sign up to help! 

If you have any ideas or suggestions or would like to donate or volunteer, please contact the following staff members to learn more about how you can help:

Sponsors, Donations & Breakfast: Allie Sundstrom & Lauren Ingham

Health & Wellness Fair POC: Leslye Padilla and Rebekah Weems

Workshops & Mindfulness Hour POC: Amy Lynn

College & Career Fair POC: Fabian Sisneros and Rebekah Weems

Community & Volunteer Fair POC: Norah Doss

PAPARTY POC: Ivonne Orozco


Thank you!


Rebekah A. Weems
Academic Dean
Public Academy for Performing Arts
(505) 830-3128 ext. 2