May 1, 2018


Lunch today:
Breaded Chicken


Lettuce Leaf

Sliced Tomato


Baked Fries

Green Beans



*Anything left in the Lost and Found after Lunch this Wednesday will be donated to charity.

*Check out how PAPA PaPARC’s:

*Please note – the PTSO meeting has been moved to May 8 at 5:30pm in the Teacher’s Lounge. Among the items up for discussion is the future of PAPA’s PTSO.

*PAPA students as the weather warms up, please be mindful of our very reasonable dress code. Make sure your clothes are school ready.  The dress code is outlined in the student/parent handbook. Thank you for dressing for success.  Link to handbook:

*There will be a Piano Concert May 3rd and a Guitar Concert May 4th, both at the 7pm at the Valley High School Performing Arts Center.


*Seniors, if you haven’t already accepted your college admission offer, the deadline to do so is May 1st – that’s today.  Please see Ms. Maestas for assistance.


*Juniors, if you haven’t taken the ACT yet this year, you need to see Ms. Maestas by 3 pm on Wednesday, May 2nd to sign up.  Also, the deadline to take the June SAT is this Thursday, May 3rd.


*Juniors, the ASVAB Results Review is scheduled for today, during 6th and 7th periods in the Cafe.


*Hey, there’s a $1,000 Scholarship for Juniors AND Seniors due May 22nd!  It’s the B. Davis Scholarship.  The link is being sent home, and it is on the PAPA website under About Us, then Academics, or see Ms. Maestas for more details.


*Are you interested in working as an actor/extra – read all about it on the PAPA website:

Working as an Actor/Extra

*Spring Dance DVDs will be distributed during lunch only outside Ms Lopez’s office. They will not be available for pick up except during lunch.

* Anything left in the Lost and Found after Lunch this Wednesday will be donated to charity.