It Pays to Be Kind Campaign

Middle School Student Council is launching our,  It Pays to Be Kind Campaign. This will be starting on Tuesday, October 1st.  We are wanting to promote and reward kindness on campus, for both middle AND high school students. You will be receiving green kindness tickets that you can hand out to reward random acts of kindness from students. 

The only thing you need to fill out on the ticket is your name; students will handle the rest. Students will write their name and grade level on the ticket, then turn them into the Kindness Box in the front office (there are two, one for high school and one for middle school.) We are asking you to please hand them out randomly when a student does something kind, like holding a door for someone or helping someone pick up the books they dropped- these are just examples; we’re sure you can come up with other great things to reward! 

At the end of each month, there will be a raffle where one kindness ticket from middle school and one kindness ticket from high school will be drawn. The winners will receive a $10 Amazon gift card!