Testing Requirements for Graduation

State and Federal Law mandates that all high school students must take Standards Based Assessment (NMSBA) two times during their high school career.  PAPA currently administers these tests during the spring semester of their Sophomore (H2) and Junior (H3) year.  Students must earn a passing score as established by NMPED in order to receive a standard diploma.  An additional administration of this test is provided to Seniors (H4) during the fall semester for students who did not previously earn a passing score.

The Alternative Demonstration of Competency (ADC) is available for students who do not earn a passing score during one of the three test administrations.  There are two components for determining ADC.

Component One provides for college and career readiness scores (ACT, SAT) to be used if the score meets the state’s “cut score” guidelines, and assesses the subject area of competency not yet met.

Component Two requires students to pass an End of Course (EOC) exam created by NMPED for any of the following courses in a subject where the student did not earn a passing score on the SBA:  Algebra II, English 11 with writing (or equivalent), US History with NM and US Constitution, Biology and Chemistry

Questions regarding testing requirements for graduation may be addressed to Daphne Benavides, Assistant Principal, dbenavides@paparts.org.

Resources for test-prep: