Great Start!

  • Good morning PAPA families!  This year is off to a great start!  Thank you for attending our Open House on Tuesday.  Parents had the opportunity to meet teachers, receive SBA ELA and Math (PARCC) scors, Science scores, and attend a Powerschool workshop.  If your child was a PAPA student last year and you were unable to attend the Open House, we will mail assessment scores home with a copy of the Powerpoint explaining test results and requirements. 

    Traffic during student drop off and pick up is backing up on to Princess Jeanne.  Many parents are only using the bus turn around.  I encourage you to use the far west lot loop or drop your child off on Muriel.  Please avoid dropping off or picking up in fire lanes or delivery service areas (the back of the building).  If you use the bus turn around,  pull forward as cars leave to allow more parents to enter the circle without endangering students or vehicles.  


    We have updated our school lunch menus this year and are making more food from scratch.  Although student participation in school lunches has increased, only about half of the students who are eligible for free or reduced lunch are ordering.  We want to make sure ALL students eat a healthy lunch.  Please encourage your child to eat in the Cafe!


    Progress report grades will be submitted at the end of next week already!! Please check your child’s grades, help your child submit any missing work before the end of next week, and get organized.  If you need assistance with Powerschool, contact Debbie Candelaria.


    With warm weather, dress code continues to be a concern.  Students should be covered from just below the shoulders to the end of their fingertips with arms held at their side.  Midriffs and undergarments should not be exposed.  Please check your child’s clothing choices before they leave the house.


    Finally, school pictures will be on Friday, September 6.  Please make sure your child attends school on Friday.  If you have a prior appointment, see Mrs. Hudson before you leave campus.  Read the email Mrs. Hudson sent out this week. Come camera ready!  


    Thanks for your dedication to your children and their success at PAPA!


Thank you for your support!