February 25, 2019

PAPA Celebrates Black History Month
Bayard Rustin

Today in Black History Month, we pay tribute to the organizer of the famous 1963 March on Washington.  The march is one of the largest nonviolent protests ever held in the United States, where the “I Have a Dream” speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called for an end to racism.  The organizer was a master strategist and tireless activist, Bayard Rustin.  Rustin is credited with bringing Mahatma Gandhi’s protest techniques to the American Civil Rights Movement, helping Dr. King become an international symbol of peace and nonviolence.  Rustin’s efforts focused on civil and economic rights (which was the purpose of the march), along with peace, racial equality, and human rights.  During the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950’s and 60’s, Rustin created the first Freedom Rides which challenged bus segregation and was one of the founders of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.  For 60 years, Rustin educated, demonstrated and protested in the United States and around the world.  He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously by President Obama.


GC Meeting
The PAPA Community is invited to the Governing Council meeting tomorrow at 4:15pm in Rm 2. A link to the Agenda will be emailed home.


Prospective Student Open House
Don’t miss the Prospective Student Open House tomorrow from 5 to 6:30pm. PAPA Lottery Window Closes February 28, 2019 – Remember – if you want a place for a current PAPA student’s sibling you must participate in the PAPA Lottery.


Here is a link to the Application:


ACT Registration
Juniors, ACT registration will take place in Mr. Taylor’s class during 4th, 5th and 7th periods on Friday, March 1st.  Please contact Ms. Maestas with questions.


Senior Deadline for CNM
Seniors, the deadline to apply to attend CNM in the Fall is this Friday, March 1st.  Please see Ms. Maestas as soon as possible to apply to CNM if there is any possibility of you attending there in the Fall.  If you do not apply and send your FAFSA by March 1st, you will not receive the Bridge scholarship.

Dayana Diaz Community Service Award
Details and a link to the nomination form will be emailed home.


ALL Dance Students
Dancers!  ALL of the dance teachers will be assigning a GRADE THIS QUARTER to ensure that you have turned in your Spring Dance Concert Permission Slip/Health Liability Form.  This is the form you should have (& most of you did) turn in at the beginning of the school year!  We are still missing several and several are still incomplete.  Please make sure this document is turned in BY TOMORROW!  Also, if your health status has changed, you will need to fill out an updated form!

If you normally get a school lunch, or you’d like to have a sack lunch from the school, please fill out the Google form on the Dance Department Google Page no later than tomorrow!  If you bring lunch from home, remember WATER ONLY-that means no soda, no juice, no coffee, no beverages with flavor, color, or sweetener.  You MAY NOT leave the theatre to get lunch and you MAY NOT have lunch delivered to you.

All dancers & their parents should check the Dance Department Google Classroom page at least once a day to check for updates & information about Spring Dance Concert.  Make sure you’ve “joined” the group by using code  x5s0j8.

Make sure you have acquired your costume or have paid your costume fee by the date set by your dance instructor.

There are EIGHT days until Spring Dance Concert and SIX days before we move into the theatre.  You are graded on your behavior as well as your performance at both tech rehearsals and both show nights.  Please be kind, helpful, mature, & focused.

PAPA Merchandise
Don’t forget to buy your PAPA merchandise!  Last day for sales is February 28!


-Breakfast Tomorrow:  Mini blueberry pancakes, fresh fruit, 100% fruit juice, fat free chocolate milk or 1% white milk

-Lunch today: Pulled pork tacos, lettuce, tomato, refried beans, pineapple chunks, salsa, and fat free chocolate milk or 1% white milk


**If you want to eat lunch today, tell your teacher.

**Teachers please enter the number of students for lunch into PowerSchool ASAP, thanks!

Health, wellness and good eats for you!

Here are some ways to make healthy changes in your eating habits: Keep more fruits, low-fat dairy products (low-fat milk and low-fat yogurt), vegetables, and whole-grain foods at home. Focus on adding healthy food to your diet, rather than just taking unhealthy foods away.


-Link to breakfast and lunch menu:

Food Services

Inner Beauty Summit
The APS Office of Equity and Engagement and the Office of African American Affairs will be holding an Inner Beauty Summit  on Friday, March 29.

  • The INNER BEAUTY TOTAL ME SUMMIT is a one-day summit of fun filled educational and empowering workshop sessions for young ladies who identify as African American in 6th to 8th grade.  Its mission is to provide young African American ladies an opportunity to embrace themselves, achieve greater inner strength, and support one another along their journey.
    http://www.paparts.org/papa_uploads/2019/02/Inner-Beauty-Summit.pdf Even small amounts of exercise add up and can have lasting health benefits.
  • Try different ways to get exercise: shoot some hoops, walk at lunch, ride bikes, hula hoop while you watch your favorite show or pick up a new active hobby.

-Link to breakfast and lunch menu:



PAPA’s Dance Department presents

5 6 7 8 : Spring Dance Concert

Thursday, March  7 & Friday, March 8


Tickets $7/$12/$17

National Hispanic Cultural Center

1701 4th Street SW