February 22, 2019

PAPA Celebrates Black History Month

Today in Black History Month, we celebrate a Super Bowl Champion, Malcolm Mitchell, age 25 from Valdosta, Georgia.  Despite the Super Bowl ring he earned with the New England Patriots, NFL receiver Malcolm Mitchell says that one of his proudest achievements involves reading. His firm belief that reading enables children to reach their full potential led Mitchell to found the Read With Malcolm Youth Literacy Initiative.  The organization aims to “transform the lives of young students through literacy,” particularly in households and schools where students have less opportunity and fewer resources to read.  When Mitchell attended University of Georgia, it wasn’t that he couldn’t read, it was that he had no interest in reading.  It took a football injury and time on his hands to suddenly click and wonderfully become an avid reader.  While in rehab for knee surgery, he began to read, up to four books a day!  Quote, “The more I read, the clearer I see my dreams, the more vivid images are painted in my head.”  In 2016, Mitchell wrote a children’s book called The Magician’s Hat.  Mitchell had a message he wanted to get out, particularly focused on Kindergarten-4th Grade students.  His message was, “Most magicians pull rabbits out of a hat or quarters from behind a kid’s ear.  This magician’s best trick is showing the magical powers of books.”   https://www.readwithmalcolm.com/

Dayana Diaz Community Service Award
Details and a link to the nomination form will be emailed home.


ALL Dance Students

This important announcement is for ALL Dance Students!  PLEASE listen carefully:  If you are not on the Dance Department Google Classroom page, please make sure you “join.”  The join code is: x5s0j8. If you haven’t already, PLEASE make sure you fill out the lunch form for Tuesday, March 5 & Wednesday, March 6. Other important information and announcements are on the Dance Department page also.  Make sure you have paid for your costume, have your costume pieces and are ready to go – the show is just around the corner!

Inner Beauty Summit
The APS Office of Equity and Engagement and the Office of African American Affairs will be holding an Inner Beauty Summit  on Friday, March 29.

The INNER BEAUTY TOTAL ME SUMMIT is a one-day summit of fun filled educational and empowering workshop sessions for young ladies who identify as African American in 6th to 8th grade.  Its mission is to provide young African American ladies an opportunity to embrace themselves, achieve greater inner strength, and support one another along their journey.

PAPA Merchandise
Don’t forget to buy your PAPA merchandise!  Last day for sales is February 28! http://www.spiritgeardirect.com/geardrive/store.aspx?guid=fffbb691-2e78-40b1-9699-a6cbf0ae3312


PAPA Lottery Window Closes February 28, 2019

Remember – if you want a place for a current PAPA student’s sibling you must participate in the PAPA Lottery.


Here is a link to the Application:



Do you struggle with Math?

UNM Continuing Education is offering a 5-week Learning to Love Math class for high school students starting tomorrow. Visit MathNM.wordpress.com or see Ms. Maestas for a flyer.


-Breakfast Monday: , Varity Cold Cereal Toast w/ jam, fresh fruit, 100% Fruit Juice, fat free chocolate milk or 1% white milk

-Lunch today: Cheese Sticks w/Marinara Sauce Tossed Salad w/Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers & Carrots Sliced Apples Milk and fat free chocolate milk or 1% white milk

**If you want to eat lunch today, tell your teacher.

**Teachers please enter the number of students for lunch into PowerSchool ASAP, thanks!

-Link to breakfast and lunch menu:


Celebrate American Heart Month
with Movement 

Aim for at least 150 minutes each week of physical activity that gets your heart pumping and leaves you a little breathless.

  • Even small amounts of exercise add up and can have lasting health benefits.
  • Try different ways to get exercise: shoot some hoops, walk at lunch, ride bikes, hula hoop while you watch your favorite show or pick up a new active hobby.

-Link to breakfast and lunch menu:

Food Services


PAPA’s Dance Department presents

5 6 7 8 : Spring Dance Concert

Thursday, March  7 & Friday, March 8


Tickets $7/$12/$17

National Hispanic Cultural Center

1701 4th Street SW