February 11, 2019

Today in Black History Month, we celebrate the Little Rock Nine from 1957. The United States Supreme Court decision Brown versus Board of Education set in motion the racial integration of the nation’s schools. This was followed by “Brown II” ordering school districts to begin integration. In response, the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People in Little Rock, Arkansas recruited nine high school students to face resistance and begin school at the all-white Little Rock Central High School. On the first day of school, the nine showed up, facing the Arkansas National Guard that was sent by the Governor to keep them out, “for their own protection”. They were also met by an angry crowd of white students and adults who were screaming racial slurs and even spitting on the children. In spite of President Eisenhower’s persuasion, the Governor refused to let the students in. A federal judge ordered the National Guard removed from the school, and three days later, the nine students tried again and were met by the Little Rock Police Department and a mob of 1,000 white protesters. The next day, President Eisenhower ordered the 101st Airborne Division to Little Rock, took authority away from the Governor and escorted the students to the first day of class. The 101st Airborne Division stayed at the school the entire year. The African American students continued to face verbal and physical abuse. In spite of great pressure and hardship, the students prevailed. In 1999, the students were recognized for their significant role in civil rights history, each being awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.   Today, we celebrate the Little Rock Nine, Minnijean Brown, Elizabeth Eckford, Ernest Green, Thelma Mothershed, Melba Patillo, Gloria Ray, Terrence Roberts, Jefferson Thomas, and Carlotta Walls.

See more about desegregation of schools at https://www.loc.gov/collections/civil-rights-history-project/articles-and-essays/school-segregation-and-integration/

School Segregation and Integration | Articles and Essays | Civil Rights History Project | Digital Collections | Library of Congress


School Segregation and Integration. The massive effort to desegregate public schools across the United States was a major goal of the Civil Rights Movement.



Congratulations to the fantastic PAPA artists who won this year’s art contest for Spring Dance Concert!  Check out PAPA’s Facebook page to see each artist’s work.
1st place: Ashely Ramos
2nd place: Brendan Oberg
3rd place: Sally Vogel
Winners will have their art featured in the Dance Concert Program + other prizes.  Thanks to EVERYONE who participated.

Stop and Smell the Roses and Carnations
High school student council will be selling carnations and roses for Valentine’s Day delivery. You can buy your flowers in Ms. Blackwell’s room during Mid or High school lunch. The cost is $2/ carnation or 3 for $5, and $3/ rose or 2 for $5.


Do you struggle with Math? 

UNM Continuing Education is offering a 5-week Learning to Love Math class for high school students starting February 23rd.  Visit MathNM.wordpress.com or see Ms. Maestas for a flyer.


Progress Reports

Today is the end of the Progress Report grading period. Grades are due by 8:00 am on Monday and Progress Reports will be sent home with students Monday afternoon.

NHS is hosting a week of appreciation this week! 

Tomorrow: appreciate someone you are thankful for! Write a nice note to a teacher, friend, or family member!

Wednesday: appreciate your friends! Give them a hug and tell them you appreciate them!

Thursday: Valentine’s Day! Appreciate love!

Friday: appreciate yourself and come in your fancy attire!

Let’s spread some appreciation  PAPA!”

Did you know:

Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activity, your diet can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease and cancer), and promote your overall health.

Please order lunch for today after announcements. Teachers will be taking lunch counts daily

Tomorrow: Eggo waffles, syrup, fruit, 100% fruit juice, fat free chocolate milk or 1% white milk

-Lunch today:, Bean n cheese burrito, steamed corn, mixed fruit and fat free chocolate milk or 1% white milk

**If you want to eat lunch today, tell your teacher.

**Teachers please enter the number of students for lunch into PowerSchool ASAP, thanks!


-Link to breakfast and lunch menu:



PAPA Spirit Gear

PAPA Parents, Students & Alumni!  There have been several requests for “PAPA” logo clothing so we now present to you:  “Spirit Gear” will have the following items available for purchase until the end of February.  All sales are online.  Items will be delivered to the school free of charge after Spring Break or can be delivered to your home for an additional shipping fee.



Tickets for 5 6 7 8 : the PAPA Spring Dance Concert are on sale now!  Tickets may be purchased online, by phone or in person at the NHCC box office, NOT at PAPA. This show will sell out, so get your tickets now!


PAPA’s Dance Department presents

5 6 7 8 : Spring Dance Concert

Thursday, March  7 & Friday, March 8


Tickets $7/$12/$17

National Hispanic Cultural Center

1701 4th Street SW




PAPA Lottery

Here is a link to the Application:



Art to Remember at PAPA:

Order forms will be sent home to parents/guardians on Friday, March 1st, 2019

Order forms are due to Ms. Beck on Friday, March 8, 2019

Order forms are available in English and Spanish.

Don’t forget to share your online order code with extended family, friends, and art lovers!

You can select FREE shipping to PAPA or pay to have items shipped to any home address.


Questions: Please email jbeck@paparts.org


All proceeds will go to the PAPA Visual Arts department.

Thank you so much for your continued support,


Coder Career

Thinking of a career as a coder, game developer, designer, or robotics engineer? Then start with the experience of a world-class program like the Naval Academy’s Summer STEM Program.  Applications are open to 9th, 10th and 11th graders and are due April 15th.  See link in email sent home.