PAPA PTSO Spaghetti Dinner

PAPA PTSO Spaghetti Dinner Tickets are on Sale Starting Friday, October 2nd!

The PAPA PTSO Annual Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser is being held on Friday, October 23rd at the Sandia Casino and Resort Ballroom!  Entertainment will be provided by PAPA students! Doors open at 5:30 pm for silent auction viewing and bidding and the dinner and entertainment will begin at 6:30 pm!

Remember this is a fundraiser and the dollars go to support the PAPA building fund and classroom needs! Invite your friends, your family and your co-workers to come out and support our school!

  • Tickets are $25 each. You can pay by cash, check (payable to PAPA PTSO) or credit card.
  • The Sandia Resort Ballroom accommodates 700 so we have reserved some front row seats for a premium price of $50 each. Request Premium tickets when you purchase if you are interested in front row seats!
  • If  you are able to purchase an extra ticket (or more) for someone who is unable to do so, please let us know when you make your purchase.
  • If you have a business or know of a business that is willing to support with a donation for this event, please contact Jennifer, Rianne or myself at papaabq@yahoo.comWe will add their business as a sponsor in our program.

Ticket sale times:

Tuesdays at the tables in front of the office:                      3:00 – 4:00 pm

Thursdays at the tables in front of the office:                    3:00 – 4:00 pm

Fridays at the tables in front of the office:                          2:00 – 4:00 pm

**If you can’t purchase tickets during these times, please send us an email papaabq@yahoo.comand we’ll arrange to get the tickets to you***

If you can help us with the ticket sales please email us  – we really could use your support!


Lori Ellis


Mystery Bags!

Hey PAPA Families…one of the fundraisers at the Spaghetti Dinner this year will be MYSTERY BAGS! These are so much fun! We are looking for gift card/gift certificate donations to place in the bags. If you don’t have time to join a committee this an easy way to help support the school. Ideas…add a gift card to your next grocery store, Target, Walmart etc visit, ask your favorite local business if they would be willing to donate a card, recycle a card you’ve been given but will never use. If you’re a Verizon or Southwest airlines customer this is a great way to use those points (usually you’ll pay half the original price). Our goal is to sell 100 bags so we are pleading with everyone to help! Thank you!!!!

PTSO Meeting Minutes September 14th 5:30pm

PTSO Meeting September 14th 5:30pm

Called to order at 5:38pm
I. Introductions
II. Approval of last meeting minutes, available online to view, no objections.
III. Review Bylaws – to receive a copy, email
Appointment of faculty and student representative. In announcements, no takers yet.
Membership Dues: vague from bylaws $20 /family, $10 individual or $5 min donation, must be a member to vote, can join at anytime.
Treasurer position available, please help us fill this.
Quorum – proposed to change to parentage since we don’t have 10 members. Will be voted on next meeting to amend Bylaws.
Establish an audit committee, need 3 voting members would only need to attend at least one meeting a year.
Budget – N/A not enough information for this year but one will be created in April.
Authorized signatures, proposed to change to only one signature needed if under $100. Action item next month. Amendments to bylaws need 7 days notice.
IV. Treasurer’s report, see agenda last page.
V. Old Business – none
VI. New Business
Teacher’s Wish list – a way to know what teachers need as we fund-raise so we have goals to meet. We have 2 so far.
Spaghetti Dinner – Will be at Sandia Casino, can seat up to 700, has elevated stage. Suggested cost $25 per person. Lengthy discussion of price of tickets, final price undetermined. Committees to be set up, sign up genius will go out to form these committees, please consider signing up to help. Performers will cost $15 min each (this is cost of food, if families can buy full tickets it will help raise funds or cover costs of those students who cannot afford to go)
Naomi Montoya is in charge of entertainment, auditions held soon. Other fund-raising besides tickets will be gift “grab” bags (will need as many gift card donations as we can get) and Art Auction (still needs a committee). Volunteers needed at event will be determined at the next meeting. Student Council can raise money with a coat check if they would like. Have a photographer takes photos for donations. Ticket sales online must go through ticketmaser, suggested PTSO have a “square” for afterschool ticket sales and to gather funds at auction. Will be a program at event, can sell sponsorships. Looking to have local MC
host event. For more Spaghetti Dinner information or to help please contact the PTSO at
VII. Adjournment

PAPA PTSO Meeting August 3, 5:30pm

This was a very informal meeting to get ideas off the ground for how to proceed with the PTSO and to gather volunteers for committees and events.

Jennifer – (President)

Thanked Kristen for her past PTSO service and expressed and need for parental involvement. This year’s PTSO will continue activities of the past and hopes to improve on them. These include the two big fund-raisers (Spaghetti Dinner and Papapalooza) along with Teacher Appreciation Months (Dec & May), Carnival Help (Student Council run – PAPA helps, need parent volunteers) Snack Closet, Box Tops, etc.

Formation of committees: Donations committee, Crafts committee. Looking for volunteers who could find and solicit ongoing donations. Looking for crafty parents who can make gifts for special performances (example was gold stars with students names for their hotel rooms at away events), congratulation gifts for competition winners, etc.

Communication, going to set up “Sign up Genius” to organize volunteers, done through regular school announcements, only need an email to sign up. There is no unwanted solicitations from this site, only reminders when you sign up.

Find out who manages Box Tops, Smith’s, Albertson’s, and Target donations, get information out to parents to sign up.

Lori- (Vice-President)

Heading up the Spaghetti Dinner this year. Two venues in mind, Sandia Casino and UNM Student Union. Both have about the same costs and look to raise the same funds. Tickets plan to be $20, $15 kids, no early discounts. Silent auction along with basket raffle. Auction student art. Volunteers needed!

Snack Closet flyer – “PAPA has a snack closet for kids that are in need. If you are able to donate, please bring any of the following items to P7/P8 to Mrs. Padilla or Mrs. Torrez: Granola bars, nutrigrain bars, Mac n Cheese or Ramen microwavable cups, applesauce cups, etc. Thank you so much for helping!”

Rianne – (Secretary)

Communications out will be through regular school email, events/notices/etc will be attached to daily schedule emails from Stella sent as needed. Communications in should be sent to Parents are encouraged to join the closed PAPA group on Facebook – Public Academy for Performing Arts – PAPA ABQ New Mexico. Would like to use this to communicate events and solicit help. Any parent/student can join and post school related events/concerns, etc.


Get student more involved, PTSO should be at events, and we need a student representative.

Doreen – we need SAC (School Advisory Committee) volunteers, committee makes policy recommendations to Governing Council. Meets last Monday every month at 3:30, please email her for more information

Concern about 501-C, it is up to date.

Membership & By-Laws, is set up to be $20 per family $5 individual fees voting membership. Will check on this and proceed at next meeting.

Check legalities/rules for Go Fund Me for fund-raising.

Regular meetings? Decided on first Monday of every month, 5:30PM at school. If school holiday, then meetings will be held second Monday.

Next Meeting Sept 14, 5:30pm

Welcome PAPA families!

The PTSO was organized for the purpose of supporting the education of the students at the Public Academy for the Performing Arts by:

*       fostering relationships among students, parents, teachers, staff, and the governing council;

*       maintaining and improving the PAPA environment;

*       providing input to the principal and governing council;

*       providing volunteer support to the school; and

*       collecting and expending funds and other resources in support of the school.

We host a number of events throughout the school year and are always looking for volunteers. Everyone is welcome and everyone is needed to make each school year a success! If you are interested in joining the PTSO family please email us at:

Consider joining our Facebook group: Public Academy for Performing Arts-PAPA ABQ New Mexico

We look forward to meeting you!!!