Q: What kind of school is the Public Academy for Performing Arts?
A: PAPA is a public charter school funded through the NM Public Education Department and authorized by Albuquerque Public Schools.  PAPA is governed through a council of 5-7 parents and community members.  PAPA provides students in grades 6-12 with a college preparatory education and an elective focus on performing arts.

Q:  What is the mission of PAPA?
A:  PAPA’s mission is to integrate a rigorous college preparatory curriculum with the performing arts and prepare students to pursue their passions and talents.

Q: Will PAPA increase its student enrollment?
A: The PAPA Governing Council will consider increasing its enrollment after the current construction project is completed in a couple of years.  The current enrollment is 380.  There is no room to increase at this time.

Q: How do I enroll my child at PAPA?
A: Students gain admission into PAPA by participating in our annual Lottery. The next lottery window opens January 9, 2017. On that date, you will be able to apply for the lottery using this website. You will receive a notification via mail in March of 2017 letting you know if we have a opening at PAPA for your child. If we don’t have a opening, you will be provided with a wait list number.  You may email slavis@paparts.org for more information.

Q: Does PAPA provide transportation?
A: PAPA does not provide transportation.  However, many parents are willing to carpool.

Q: How much does it cost to attend PAPA?
A: There is no tuition to attend PAPA. However, there are some fees associated with extra curricular activities associated with academic and performing arts classes to cover the cost of things like transportation, entrance fees, meals and costumes.

Q: Can I have a tour of PAPA?
A: We welcome you to attend our Annual Open House which will be held February 16, 2017.  This is before the lottery window closes.

Q: Does PAPA allow prospective students to shadow current students?
A: PAPA does not offer shadowing. However, you are welcome to attend any PAPA performance. Most are low cost or free. Check out the calendar on our website for dates/place/time and cost.  We also hold an Open House February 16, 2017.

Q:  Where do student performances take place?
A:  PAPA performs at different venues throughout the city including other high school PAC’s, NHCC, churches, theaters, etc.  Phase 2 of the current construction project includes a performing arts center.

Q:  What is the best way to contact teachers when I have a concern?
A:  The most efficient way is through email.  All staff emails follow the same format with the first letter of the first name followed by the last name and @paparts.org (ie. slavis@paparts.org).

Q: How do I obtain a transcript.
A: You may request academic records from the PAPA Registrar, Ms. Candelaria. Her email address is dcandelaria@paparts.org.  Please allow 24 hours for your request to be processed.

Q: How do I access my child’s Power School information?
A: PAPA Registrar, Ms. Debbie Candelaria would be happy to help you with the Power School process. You can email her at dcandelaria@paparts.org.

Q: My child needs to take medicine at school. What should I do?
A: You will need to have your child’s physician fill out a medical authorization form which you can find on our website: http://www.paparts.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/PAPAMedAuthorization20152016.pdf.
Bring the prescription in the original bottle and the completed form to the front office. It will be stored in a Medicine Safe Lock Box. Medications will be given as per the instructions provided by your child’s physician.  Please note, PAPA does not allow students to carry any medication at school.

Q: Does PAPA serve breakfast?
A: PAPA does not serve breakfast. However if your family suffers from food insecurity please contact our Social Worker Ms Leslye Padilla at lpadilla@paparts.org.

Q: Where do I get questions answered concerning my child’s attendance?
A: You may visit with Attendance Clerk, Ms. Vanessa Booker between 11:30am and 4:30pm in the front office.  You may also contact her through email vbooker@paparts.org.

Summer Packet

Please note – you will need to click on the link that corresponds with the grade you just completed. For example, if you just completed the 7th grade – click on the link for the 7th grade packet.

If the last grade you were in was either 5th or 6th grade – these are your summer packets:



If the last grade you were in was 7th these are your summer packets:



If the last grade you were in was 8th these are your summer packets:



If the last grade you were in was either 9th or 10th these are your summer packets:



These are the directions for all grades for your Summer Reading assignment:


Thank You Letter from Mrs Winn

Dear PAPA Community,

Thank you for a wonderful first half of the 2015-2016 school year. I cannot express how much the staff and I appreciate our active, supportive parents as well as other family and greater community members! We are looking forward to a productive second semester full of opportunities for performances and academic excellence!

We are especially excited about the possibilities for PAPA if the APS Bond/Mill Levy Election is successful! Click here for an information sheet: APS Bond Election Flyer
We are slated to move into the Acoma Elementary site along with a $9 million renovation. Please plan to get out and vote in the February 2, 2016 election!!!! We are asking that every eligible family member vote and encourage everyone they know to do the same. This is our chance to finally get an appropriate facility, and it has taken 12 years! Our Seniors are joining the effort! Ms. Lavis is working to get them registered to vote and is planning a field trip to the closest voting site.   More information will be provided soon!

PARCC test results – click here to see them: PAPA PARCC Scores have been received from the Public Education Department. Individual scores will be sent home with report cards for those who didn’t attend the testing informational meetings. The ASPIRE short-cycle assessment results have been reviewed with students in the core classes. The ASPIRE is new to PAPA. It replaces the former short-cycle, is a more meaningful exam aligned to Common Core Standards, and is the pre-test for ACT. Our math and English teachers have worked as teams analyzing PARCC and ASPIRE data. Using the data, they created vertical curriculum maps, identified program strengths/weaknesses, and created plans of action for their respective programs and cross-curricular. It was a great way to provide meaning to instructional expectations and plan for continuous improvement at PAPA! We’re looking forward to implementing the plans next semester! Please view the grade level/course results on the PAPA website for both Math and English/Language Arts.

On behalf of the PAPA staff, I hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with family fun, rest, and rejuvenation!


Doreen A. Winn


PARCC Score Release & What to Expect

Important information about PARCC scores…

PARCC Score Release & What to Expect

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Later this fall, you’ll receive your child’s results from last school year’s PARCC test, New Mexico’s new annual assessment in English Language Arts (ELA) and math. The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) is a group of states, including New Mexico, which brought educators and other experts together to develop tests aligned to higher standards, and provide a deeper level of information to teachers and parents to support students. This assessment will be an important tool for you and educators to use to ensure your child is on track for success, and this letter and guide is intended to give you a better idea of what to expect.

PARCC replaces New Mexico’s previous annual test, the Standards Based Assessment (SBA), and is based on the higher standards that your children are being taught in the classroom, which prepare them for success in today’s world. The test moves away from fill-in-the bubble questions and requires students to read complex text, develop well-organized written responses, answer real-world math problems, and describe and defend their reasoning. PARCC test scores are just one measure that can be used to give you and teachers a more accurate picture of your child’s academic progress.

We expect that you will receive your child’s score report in the fall, later than usual, but the goal for future years is to have results available before the beginning of the school year. Individual student scores are broken down into different categories in both ELA and math. This helps you and your child’s teachers understand specific areas where your child is doing well and where he or she needs more help.

You may notice that your child’s scores—and scores for your school and district—are lower than you’ve seen on the SBA in past years. This doesn’t mean that your child or your school took a step backward this year. Instead, it reflects the fact that the PARCC test measures more complex, real-world skills, and is more challenging than SBA. PARCC is establishing a new, more accurate baseline from which progress can be measured moving forward. Because PARCC is so much different than the SBA, PARCC scores should not be directly compared to SBA scores.

We expect New Mexico’s scores to improve over time as teachers and students become more familiar with the state academic standards and the PARCC assessment, but our students and teachers have shown that they can rise to the challenge.

We appreciate your patience this year as we transition to a set of standards and a test that will put our students on track to ensure they are prepared to achieve their full potential. Ahead of statewide, districtwide, and individual score reports, you can visit www.NMPARCC.com for more information about PARCC, how it will be used, and how to support your child.

Thank you.



What is PARCC?

PARCC is a new, more challenging assessment that replaced the SBA, our former statewide test. PARCC tests math and English Language Arts (ELA) and was administered to 3rd–11th grade New Mexico public school students for the first time in the Spring of 2015.


Why did New Mexico switch to PARCC?

In 2010, New Mexico raised the academic bar and adopted new state standards for ELA and math, known as the New Mexico Common Core State Standards. PARCC is based on those new standards and is the first statewide test in New Mexico to measure how well our students are learning these higher standards. While the new standards are more challenging, the intention is to ensure that our kids graduate with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in today’s world.


When can I expect to receive PARCC scores?

Your child’s scores will be provided to districts as outlined below:

State and district results available Student score reports available to districts*
High School Results October 16 November 2
Elementary and Middle School Results October 30 December 1
*Distribution method and schedule will be determined by each school district


Why is PARCC valuable?

For Students:PARCC scores will be used to better tailor instruction to individual student needs. PARCC results will also help students know how well their school is doing to prepare them for success in today’s world. For high school seniors, a passing PARCC score demonstrates readiness for graduation

For parents: PARCC scores can be used by parents to identify areas of improvement for their child and inform conversations with teachers regarding meeting their child’s needs both in the classroom and at home. The scores will also be used in calculating school grades, which provide parents with an indicator of school effectiveness.

For teachers: PARCC scores will help educators tailor instruction to individual student needs and measure how well students are performing using the higher standards. Teachers will also be able to use PARCC scores to identify areas for personal growth and improvement.