Governing Council Opening

The PAPA Governing Council (GC), comprised of PAPA parents and community members, maintains our school’s vision and mission through policy creation/revision, oversees our fiscal well-being, propels strategic planning, and supervises/evaluates our Executive Director.  At the last GC meeting on November 25, 2014, a vacancy was announced due to a resignation of one of the members.   We are now forming a nominating committee that will help the sitting Council choose an individual to fill that vacancy.  The GC member will be elected to complete the vacancy term (through the 2016/17 school year).  Preference will be given to a candidate who can take on the role of GC Secretary which includes keeping meeting minutes.  Please note, GC members are required to meet for 2-4hours per month, attend performances when able, and serve as ambassadors for PAPA within the Albuquerque community.  The total time commitment can be up to 10 hours per month.  If you care to nominate someone who possesses the time, energy, and vision to help guide PAPA to the next stage of excellence, contact the committee chairman, Jennifer Lopez, at 505-830-3128 ext.1 or

Please note this is a volunteer position!