Seeking Members for PAPA Foundation Board of Directors

The Performing Arts Academy Foundation, a non-profit organization created to provide monetary support for the Public Academy for Performing Arts (PAPA) Charter School, is seeking members to fill positions on the Board of Directors.  This volunteer position includes the following qualifications:

  • Must have a strong belief in the mission of PAPA, “The Public Academy for Performing Arts is a public charter school that integrates a rigorous college preparatory curriculum with the performing arts and prepares students to pursue their passions and talents.”
  • Must possess business or organizational competency.
  • Must be a long-range, strategic thinker.
  • Must be willing to give time and money to see the foundation’s mission accomplished.
  • Must be a person of integrity.
  • Must be willing to lead and participate in multiple fundraising campaigns.

If interested, send a letter of interest and resume to Mark Padilla, PAPA Governing Council President at

Governing Council Vacancies

Three of our current Governing Council members are closing out their terms in August. Two of those three members are choosing not to be re-nominated for approval to the Governing Council. We are now forming a nominating committee to choose potential candidates to replace them. These candidates will be publicly announced to the GC at the April 21, 2015 meeting, further reviewed by the GC, and then shall be voted on at the May 26, 2015 meeting.  These new GC members will be elected to complete the vacancy term (through the 2017/18 school year).   Be aware that all GC members are required to meet for 2-4 hours per month, attend performances when able, and serve as ambassadors for PAPA within the Albuquerque community.  The total time commitment can be up to 10 hours per month.  We’d love to have you join the PAPA team! If you care to nominate someone who possesses the time, energy, and vision to help guide PAPA to the next stage of excellence, contact the committee chair, Jennifer Lopez, at 505-830-3128 ext. 1 or