Announcements – August 17, 2018

***New at PAPA***

-Breakfast!!!! Woooo… Yuuuum! – Fuel for Success, and it’s only $1.75 per meal and $0.30 for reduced, it will be served between 7:30 and 7:50am!!

-Breakfast Monday: Oatmeal, toast, apple, milk

-Lunch today: cheese slices with marina sauce, tossed salad, sliced apples & milk

-Students if you want to eat lunch today tell your teacher and they will put your name on the lunch count. Lunch count sheet is in teacher box. Please deliver the lunch count to the front office. Look for the lunch count basket at the front counter!

-Link to breakfast and lunch menu:

*Attention students!!! If you have accidentally placed your lock on the wrong locker PLEASE take it and move it to the correct locker. If you are not sure if the locker you have is yours please come see Ms. Angelica in the front office at lunch or after school. If your lock is on the wrong locker and it is not moved by the end of the day we will be cutting off locks. It is not fair to the students that signed up for a specific locker to not be able to use it. Also, If you have not given Ms Angelica your combination or key please do so by Monday. We have several students that don’t have lockers and they would like to have one.

*Want to buy a “PAPA Dance Department” t-shirt, hoodie, jacket, or hat?  Support your school and proudly wear a high-quality PAPA dance department item.  Sizes are both for children & adults.  Sales end on Sept. 9 – so don’t wait & buy yours now!

CREATE A GEAR DRIVE With our automated Spirit Gear Design Tool, you can design your Gear Drive on the fly with ease. Get started now.

Your school, group or team logo printed onto spirit wear t-shirts and other custom garments. Mascots and logo artwork free for elementary school, middle school, high school as well as teams and groups.

*Auditions for Contemporary Dance Ensemble, PAPA’s pre-professional dance company are Monday, Aug. 20 during 5th period in the South portable!  Eligible candidates are in high school, are serious about dance, & are willing to work hard! Wear dance clothes and bring dance shoes. Dancers do not need to prepare anything and the audition runs like a dance class.  Questions?  See Ms. Montoya ASAP!

*Parents, thank you for following our signs directing that you NOT drop off or park in the fire lane!  We will follow Fire Marshall directives to ensure all fire lanes are clear.  If your child has a physical condition that requires getting closer to the front building, there are several handicapped parking spaces near the front entrance where you can park (as long as you have a handicapped parking sticker).  The other fire lane is in the back of the building on the east side of campus.  There is no parking or dropping off in this area either.  You are welcome to drop off your child in that area on Muriel St.  There is a back entrance to the building.  Otherwise, please pull into the west parking lot to park or drop off.  Thank you!

*Coming up at PAPA:

Open House for Current PAPA Students August 28, 2018 5:30 to 7pm
PAPA Moji Headshot Day August 30, 2018 Film Studio Headshots and
Senior Cap & Gown